Skateboarding From Family Perspective

Some kids just don't seem to get into team sports. For one reason or another, children may shy away from the conventional recreational activities offered today, such as basketball or baseball. While some parents frown at the idea of their children not doing the same activities as they did growing up, neglecting your child's physical activity due to a disinterest in common sports is a terrible idea. It's important to ensure that you're child gets their exercise - exercise is important to the health of both the body and the mind.

To that end, many parents have been realizing that their children can boost their self esteem and engage in intense physical activity through skateboarding. It's a common choice for those who don't prefer team sports - it offers your child the opportunity to make goals and then commit to them, causing them to be proud. Many parents shy away from the alternative sport due to the prospect of injury their child faces; we've all seen the videos on TV of kids breaking their arm or leg while attempting a skateboard stunt. However, when properly performed, skateboarding can actually offer a lessened chance of injury over the common team sports that society encourages. Through the use of proper safety equipment and a sufficient understanding of the patience required by the sport, your child may end up with a few bumps and bruises, but it can really pay off when it comes to how they feel about themselves and the world.

Also, the 'rebel' aspect of skateboarding has taken a bit of a backseat in our modern world. There are skateparks popping up across the nation, offering children a safe place to grow in their love of the sport. Plus, your child's social dynamic can really blossom when they're learning new tricks with new friends at the local skatepark. All in all, skateboarding provides a pretty complete solution to the needs of an adolescent. With Tony Hawk being one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, skateboarding has truly left its mark in the youth culture of today, and parents should learn about the benefits that the sport can have before condemning it and telling their child that they will break their neck. It can be more beneficial than you know.
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Skateboarding in Parks

Skateboard parks are cropping up everywhere in major metropolitan areas. Like the roller rinks of yesteryear, skateboard parks are the rage with kids these days. It provides children a supervised area in which to practice their skateboarding and even do tricks as they would like under the guidance and supervision of the staff. Often there is music playing and there are rules of conduct and dress to ensure the safety of the skateboarder and those around as well. It is probably the safest way for children to practice their skateboarding since the arena is specially made and the activities are monitored.

Often skate parks are not used exclusively for skateboarders but can also be used by inline skaters and BMX bike racers as well. Different parks have various rules, so it is important to check the rules before going. Some have exclusive days and times for certain activities, some have portions of the course designated for particular activities while still others have it all mixed together. Each skate park is designed for different levels of skater so every skater, from beginner to advanced, has a place to practice and hone their skills.

Many skate parks include ramps and rails in various positions throughout the park. This allows the trick rider to skate on the ramps, gain speed, and do tricks if capable. The rails will allow the same sort of trick riding with various levels of rail for the beginner through advanced. Often skateboard parks will offer instruction in the form of group lessons or individual instruction for a fee. This is great for the beginner skateboarder to learn the basics and learn safety precautions while in a fun environment.

Public skateboard parks are usually made available free of charge and are typically outside which forces those using them to be concerned about the weather conditions. Private skateboard parks, however, are often indoors and are made of better materials and softer materials which will be better when faced with a fall. The disadvantage of the private skateboard parks, though, is that they will typically charge an admission fee to ride inside. However, the admission fee is usually reasonable and well worth the small expense for the added safety and comfort. Searching the local telephone directory or Internet is a good way to find skateboard parks in your area. Most larger cities have one or several and they are cropping up all over the country in increasing numbers.
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Skateboarding History and Its Facts

Not many people know that surfing is considered to be the ancestor of skateboarding. At first it was called sidewalk surfing, so this can be a possible link to its origins. Nowadays, skateboarding is gaining more and more fans. Everything is changing in what people prefer practicing more, as wakeboarding seems to be replacing much waterskiing and snowboarding replacing much skiing.

The skateboards in the 1970s were surfboard shaped boards designed more for the California vibe than for function, as skateboarding was still a sidewalk sport. The boards were not at all stable, as the wheels were being kept together by some narrow trucks. Terrain skating increased, as the boards and truck widened.

Even if at first the drainage ditches and empty swimming pools were the practice places to be used, the skaters soon began to build their own terrains, the ramp. Originally, the ramp was a quarter pipe that you would skate up to and up to the edge at the top. The half pipe was a major breakthrough. Even if there are skateboard parks with extremely complex 3-d terrains, the half pipe is still the core of upper level skateboarding. These can also be found in ski resorts for snowboarders. The pipes for skateboarders can also be used for rollerblades.

The skateboard began its changing process during the time of the evolution in skateboard parks and ramp riding. The street riding consisted only of two dimensional moves. People could ride on only the front wheels, that is a nose wheelie or spin spinning like an ice skater on the back wheels, which is a 360. They could also high jump over a bar, long jump from one board to another. This was sometimes even done over some teenagers lying on their backs. The slalom and the stale fish are also other tricks people used to do when skateboarding.

The introduction of the ollie or no hands aerial transformed skateboarding almost completely. This is the first modern skateboarding trick and was invented by Alan Ollie Gelfand. The ollie is to fly off the ground (flat or a wall) with the board, but without holding onto the board and then landing back on the board. It involves using your feet to press against the board in various complicated combinations, depending on the trick you intend doing.

The good skateboarders usually get sponsorship and endorsements, which soon make them very famous.
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